What Can You Hear at Radio

BandWhether you are traveling on a long road, or if you are at work, doing what you know best, the radio is always there for you to entertain you and to make your time pass faster.

Ever since 1906, when there were the first radio transmissions, the radio has been a constant companion. We travel with it, we work with it, we eat and sleep with it, but we don’t pay as much attention as people used to do long time ago. There are a multitude of shows available at radio, but also there are different radio stations, that can be listened online and on radio devices.

Different Radio Stations

entertainment-microphone-hiYou will find that there are radio stations that have 100% music, with no commercials and no ads. Those are what young people look out for, because they don’t have the patience or the interest to listen to news or other kinds of shows. There are also news radio station, where most of the times you will hear local news and news from all over the world, covering different subjects of interest, from politics to economy, from law to religion, and so on. There are also religious radio stations, where you will hear religious music or ceremonies transmitted live (or registered) directly from the church.


This is the thing that interests you most at a radio, so about 85% of the radio stations transmit music. However, there are different stations with different kinds of music. At the radio, you will be hearing the latest hit from the latest artist, but you will also listen to old music, which has never gone out of style.


This is what adults are interested in – they want to know what their government has recently done, what are the changes in politics, what events are going to take place locally and so on. Some radio stations have one or two hours per day dedicated to news, and they broadcast these at fixed hours – in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Other radio stations have only a few minutes of news every hour or every few hours. Apart from this, there are also radio stations that transmit 90% news, without too much music or other kinds of shows.


Children Programs

Some radio stations have developed special programs and audio shows that are dedicated to the youngest public. They transmit songs that are specially made for kids or educative programs that tell them stories or teach them a certain lesson, like how to salute in the morning. This kind of radio station can keep them entertained for some time, until they lose interest in what they are hearing.


rock_star_light_flareThis is another kind of radio show that you can hear on a radio station. Different stars are invited over on the set, and they are asked different questions – some are taken from the fans, while others are made by the editors. People like to find out different interesting things about the people they like from the TV, so they will be very interested in hearing these interviews.

Dedicated Transmissions

You will find transmissions made for mothers and children, for animal lovers, for car lovers, for love advice, and for any other kind of subject that you can think about. Each radio station has its own fans and people who listen to them are doing this for their profile – music, news or dedicated transmissions. If you want to find out something about a certain subject, just browse for the radio station that transmits this kind of show.